Birds can be pests when they decide to nest and perch on your property. Yes they a beautiful and beneficial creatures, but what they leave behind can be a serious problem. When I lived in Florida I would frequent the back bay ares where the nesting ground for bird of all different spices would be, and like me many would come to watch the color and splendor, UP Wind! There droppings are so high in nitrogen it would completely destroy a whole mangrove island and the only thing left was the smell and sickness. In California we have pigeons, crows, sparrows, barn swallows, and a few others that love to make there nests and roosting on our home and business leaving behind a bio-hazards  waste that can cause unsightly mess and serious health challenges for our families and customers.

A Crystal Clear Vision has some help for you with humane deterrents a installation expertise to help, we are available for questions if you would like to give use a call.

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