I received a customer call who was interested in an estimate on an outdoor BBQ area that hadn’t been cleaned in several months or more.  The bar had one large commercial gill and two large camp cookers that take the five gallon propane tanks.  The area was “U” shaped so that the chef could stand in the center and have access to all burners, and grill in this area.  There was a large build up of spilled grease, drippings, and spilled refreshments.  Above the cooking area was a large pergola covering with 12 x 8 beams and covered with 4 x 4 lattice and corrugated plastic on top to keep the chef and some patrons dry in the wet weather; this also worked well at keeping the BBQ and grill smoke  in with poor ventilation changing the white pergola wood in to an off white smoke.  The seating arguments were in the surrounding area with picnic tables with umbrellas and a large wet bar that ran twenty feet into the center, all flat surfaces have seen lots of use by the signs of gum and stains left on the stamped trazo floor. Well, i had my doubts if it was going to come clean.  I had just heard about a cleaner call Ripper 3, it was being used for restaurant kitchen hood cleaning, with the waste being organic and not petroleum I was ready to put it to the test.  Oh My!  I sprayed the soap, with the power washer using protective  clothing, because it being caustic enough to melt flesh I was not willing to take any chances.  After waiting a few minutes to let start working I turned on the heat on the power washer and started washing. the smoke and grease came right off to my amazement that place looked brand new. It looked like the stuff was melting. Well I have a regular customer now thanks to Ripper 3.  Wish I had taken some before and after pictures to show, but maybe next time.  If your in the area vist Rooster Juice in Manteca, California and view my handy work.