Solar Panel Cleaning.

Did you know that if you monitor your solar panel output before and after a cleaning you can see as much as a 25% increase in output with a clean solar array! Studies are showing that it could extended your pay off date up to 2 years depending how dirty they are. Spring and fall are good cleaning times for cleaning and if you live in farm country it could be more often. Give use a call for an estimate!

Awning Cleaning

Keeping your canvas and vinyl awning clean and looking new doesn’t have to be a task to be dreaded. A neglected awning can become an eyesore, detracting from your home or business overall appeal. Most awnings will need to be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year, with occasional attention given to keeping its surface free of airborne debris or plant materials between cleanings. It is important that the underside of your canvas awning also be washed clean whenever the surface is cleaned. The underside of the awning should also be kept free of dust and insects on a routine (weekly) basis. More serious problems involve eliminating stains or mildew. If you find that your awning has holes due to rotting fabric, you should consider removal and replacement instead of cleaning.

Call A Crystal Clear Vision for help with this task we use all approved professional cleaning products to restore your awnings to there original luster.

Window Cleaning

Full service window cleaning for commercial and residential buildings. While we are at your home or business take advance of our extra services like: lite fixtures, smoke alarm battery change, dryer vent cleaning, hard water stain removal, small window repair, caulking and weather sealing cracks, solar screen cleaning and web dusting, no job to big or to small.

Shower Door Cleaning

Our special polishing process will leave your shower door looking great, removing stains and soap film.

Steam Pressure Washing

Hot or cold water we have your request covered. Gum, oil , grease, moss, or mold. We will clean houses, mobile homes, farm equipment, agriculture operations, boats, ships, commercial buildings, sidewalks, driveways, pool surfaces, dumpster area, fences and decks.

Gutter Cleaning

Let use remove the stuff that is keeping your gutter from draining properly, or install guards to keep the leafs out. We can help with the stains that run off the roof as well.

Bird Control

What exactly is bird control? Bird control is the generic name for methods used to deter pest birds from landing, roosting and nesting. The reasons you want to deter the pest birds from landing, roosting and nesting are various. What constitutes a pest bird? A pest bird is any bird that causes property damage and health risks. These two issues are the two main reasons for bird control.

Property Damage

Every year tens of millions of dollars in property damage is done by the pest bird. Bird droppings are very acidic, which at a pH of 3 to 4.5, can eat through most building materials. These materials include wood, stone, steel and iron. It can ruin cloth awnings and car paint. If these bird droppings are left undisturbed and allowed to accumulate, they can also clog gutters and short out electrical equipment. Bird droppings on roofs, over time, can eat through and cause leaks to develop. Machinery, automobiles, roofs and ventilation systems are all at risk if bird control is not in place.

Health Risks

The health risks are numerous, as well, and the cost can be even higher. If pest birds are allowed to nest in chimneys and ventilation systems they can spread diseases. Death can even occur by carbon monoxide poisoning if nests have blocked exhaust systems. Nests can also become flammable when they have constructed their twig and straw nests in electrical signs and machinery.

Research has learned that over 60 transmittable bird-borne diseases and dangerous parasitic organisms can be dangerous and even fatal to humans. You come in contact with these diseases and parasites by inhaling micro-organisms in the dried bird droppings when they are disturbed. Breathing in these spores can lead to lung diseases such as Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis can range from mild symptoms to life-threatening. Typical symptoms may include fever, muscle aches, dry cough, and chest pains. If acute, it can also lead to arthritis, pericarditis and acute pulmonary syndrome.

Bird Control Products

There are a wide range of products to help with bird control that are extremely safe and humane, not only for the bird, but for domestic animals and humans as well. Safe and humane bird control deterrents act as a scare tactic to simply get rid of the pest birds by making them fly away.

Visual bird deterrents are a very effective technique in scaring away the nuisance birds. Balloons and bird diverters scare the birds with their shiny surfaces. The birds also see a predator’s eye which causes the natural instinct of fight or flight, and flight is what they do. To the human eye they look decorative, but to the birds they appear threatening. Visual deterrents work well hanging from the patio gazebo, sides of the home, and in trees, eaves and any type of overhangs. The birds will be discouraged from roosting near any of these places.

Sound bird deterrents are a successful method of getting rid of the pest bird from large spaces such as backyards, warehouses, gardens, patios, even loading docks and golf courses. Sonic systems are designed for larger spaces because they have speakers that produce distress calls and predator calls. Again, the result is to only scare the birds away. The distress and predator calls, when programmed to play at ten minute intervals alert the birds of danger. Their natural instinct is to flee the area.

Physical deterrents such as bird netting and bird spikes offer a wide range of bird control in very intricate areas. Around your home and business are many flat surfaces and ledges. Bird spikes, when said, may bring about an “ouch” response, however, bird spikes merely create an uneven surface that the birds cannot land on. Bird netting, on the other hand, basically creates a physical bird barrier that does not allow the bird entrance or access. Bird netting can be easily installed under the eaves of your home where birds tend to want to nest. It is ideal for rooftops, gardens, fruit trees and garages. It is a very low profile way of preventing the bird access as it is virtually invisible.

A strategic approach to bird control is central. Determine what your needs are, visual, sound or physical bird deterrents. All the above mentioned areas of humane bird control take no time at all to install. Integrating all three methods will ensure a safe and sound existence from the pest bird and offer you the best strategy in saving money and continued good health.