Bird Control For Home And Business

Birds can be pests when they decide to nest and perch on your property. Yes they a beautiful and beneficial creatures, but what they leave behind can be a serious problem. When I lived in Florida I would frequent the back bay ares where the nesting ground for bird of all different spices would be, and like me many would come to watch the color and splendor, UP Wind! There droppings are so high in nitrogen it would completely destroy a whole mangrove island and the only thing left was the smell and sickness. In California we have pigeons, crows, sparrows, barn swallows, and a few others that love to make there nests and roosting on our home and business leaving behind a bio-hazards  waste that can cause unsightly mess and serious health challenges for our families and customers.

A Crystal Clear Vision has some help for you with humane deterrents a installation expertise to help, we are available for questions if you would like to give use a call.

Solar Panel Cleaning Studies

OCS says if the solar installation is experiencing a loss of energy of 5 percent or more due to dirt, then the system can pay back within 3 to 5 years. (Update: The company’s CEO Richard O’Connell tells us that the system costs $0.30 per watt DC to install, and that the company is in the process of bringing those costs down.) That energy loss estimate is actually a pretty conservative claim from a solar panel maintenance company. Many of the solar installation companies in the solar panel maintenance market say dirt and grim can reduce a panel’s energy output by 15 to 25 percent.

Solar Panels are exposed to the environment – sun, wind, dust, rain etc.   Solar panels are very similar to windows, lying flat or at a slight angle which means they get dirty very fast. Pollen, bird droppings, dirt, and dust can build up on solar panels.“Solar Clouding” commonly referred by the panel manufacturers, which means dirty panels and needs to be cleaned on a regular schedule in order to keep them producing at full capacity. There is a 10-15% decrease in solar output when solar panels are dirty.

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance. A few times a year, the panels should be inspected for any dirt or debris that may collect on them. Most manufacturers recommend the cleaning of solar panels every six months. Typically they should be cleaned in March/Aprilwhen the rainy season has passed and August/September, towards the end of summer. The cleaning services are a necessary part of the system maintenance and also to maintain its warranty.

Having the PV system cleaned will:

  • Maintain your investment
  • Ensure peak performance
  • Extend the life of your product
  • Maintain product warranty.

How to Clean Solar Panels

One can use a garden hose to wash the face of the panels during either the early morning or in the evening. Care should be taken not to spray cold water onto hot panels or there could be a risk of cracking them. There are also automated cleaners, which can be programmed to clean the panels as needed – a good choice if you are in an especially dusty area. Professional solar panel cleaners are also in abundance and can come out periodically to clean them.

Generally the solar panels are dusted gently and then washed using a soft wash brush to lightly scrub the dirt off. One should check with the solar panel manufacturer to know the best way to clean your solar panels. Hard water should not be used for the cleaning. Also check if there is any blockage from the sun like trees or plants. Clean solar panels are worth the effort.

Checking Solar Panel Operation

The only other part of solar panel maintenance is monitoring their energy output and ensuring there are no malfunctions. Check and log the power output on the solar inverters display on a daily or monthly basis. With this data, one can check to see if solar panels are functioning at full efficiency.  Solar panels produce different amounts of power during the year, so keeping a baseline measurement helps.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning Company

A Crystal Clear Vision– is a professional solar panel cleaning company. The latest unique & environmental-friendly reach-and-wash cleaning system is used, which ensures perfect cleaning results and is safe for the solar panels. The  system uses approx. 1.5  litres of water per minute. At Solar Clean, services are available to clean all residential, business and corporate solar systems in the  Californa area Residential cleaning costs start from as little as $3 a panel, subject to site inspection.

Cost Involved in  Cleaning & Maintaining Solar Panels

The cost of cleaning a residential solar panel depends upon:

  • Location of the Building
  • Number of Panels
  • Location of panels on the Premises
  • Availability of water.

Window Glass Protectant

It may be raining in the Central Valley of California, but there’s no reason your windows have to stay dirty.  Let us apply a window protectant to keep the water and dirt from sticking.  Watch it bead up and run off carrying the dirt with it. This also protects shower doors and window glass from hard water stains  Happy Holidays.

Green Slippery Moss

It’s that time of year when the shaded areas of your driveway and sidewalks start to grow that annual crop of green moss.  Not only is it unsightly, its also slippery.   Give us a call for some pressure washing to remove it.